In today's world, new technologies are leading the globalization of digitalization and networking, and an era of world civilization and great integration has arrived. People pursue peace and progress, democracy, freedom, peace, harmony, and orderly life. The wave of pursuing reform is surging. The era vaguely calls for the emergence of a great new president.

Looking back at American history. Separation of powers, British and European constitutionalism, and the country is dominant. Afterwards, nativism, Lincoln abolished slaves and improved racial contradictions. Monroeism, glorious isolation, heavy business development, and strong national economy. Two wars, diplomatic neutrality, closing profit, politics, economy, diplomacy, and becoming world power. In the cold war, against the Soviet Union, the disintegration of the Warsaw Pact, the Soviet Union collapsed, and the world dominated.

In the 21st century, with the industrial revolution, the scientific and technological revolution, digital technology, and cloud technology revolution; the fourth industrial revolution, driven by the scientific and technological revolution and the digital financial revolution, the digital and intelligent revolution has greatly stimulated various industries such as production and productivity. Corresponding changes in the elements have led to structural and habitual fundamental subversion and essential changes in the economic structure and financial system, market, concept, and lifestyle, humanistic concepts, education, culture, religion, and military.

Successive Internet, Internet of Things, satellite communication technology revolution; intelligent technology revolution, drones, intelligent robots, stealth technology, laser, quantum, photon, proton, molecular technology revolution, 3D printing technology, and revolution in materials technology, etc. In all walks of life, countries around the world are advancing by leaps and bounds. Some countries are advancing with the times, keeping up with the wave of scientific and technological revolution and developing rapidly.

During this period, the United States entered the anti-terrorism war of 9.11 and the religious contradictions in the Middle East, and it was hard to return. After the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, they fell into the quagmire of Syria, Iran, and confrontation in the Middle East. The war depletion caused the United States to be seriously injured, and the load was heavy and difficult to return.


Today, the world’s employed population is at a record high. At this time, the world economy has experienced a Great Depression. The stock market fluctuated frequently, the market was dying, corporate bankruptcy, rising prices, depreciation of coins, inflation, unemployment, employment difficulties, social problems, economic problems, and people's livelihood and humanity problems. Under such circumstances, people have asked: "What is this society?" People pray for social stability, world peace and progress, and hope that there will be a great president who changes the status quo.

In 2020, it is the presidential election year. Before this election, we saw the face of a Chinese presidential candidate. His name is Yang Anze. He is a descendant of Chinese immigrants, a native of New York, and a family of intellectuals. He used to be a lawyer; at the same time, he also did business. He believes that the current operation and lack of some policies are often due to the lag of ideological concepts, the inability to keep up with social and technological development, and the unsuitability for people's lives and economic development.

Therefore, he boldly motivated himself and bravely participated in the presidential campaign. At this level, no matter what, he is the first Chinese! He believes that Chinese people can only have future opportunities and experiences if they take the first step. He is willing to be the first Chinese, a great loser to run for the US president; but he wants to be a great winner!
He marked the YANG2020 and entered the vision of the presidential candidate. Here, I have to be sighed, praised and greeted him. He is an aspiring young man who has the courage, courage, ideals and daring to achieve his ideals!
According to our understanding, Yang Anze's ideas and ideas mainly have the following aspects:
First, the governance of the society mainly needs to start from the aspects of people's livelihood and humanity. He believes that all people's livelihood and human nature are the first. Governance crisis must first solve the people's livelihood problem. At present, the most important thing is to solve the employment and unemployment problems; as well as the retail and manufacturing issues. This is also an important aspect of solving social security problems.
Second, he proposed the UBR concept. He believes that the current stable society is to stabilize the people's lives at the bottom of society. The concept is that all American citizens between the ages of 18 and 60 enjoy a monthly living allowance of $1,000. Third, pay attention to the development of high-tech competition.
In the future, the development of society is the era of the Internet, digital finance, and intelligent robots. Therefore, policy implementation must follow the pace of technological development. To fully utilize robotic intelligence and digital technology, we must familiarize and quickly lead society into Internet and IoT applications.
Fourth, reform the current lagging policy and economic structure model. As soon as possible, research and propose a new digital application era model suitable for high-speed development. There must be a sense of urgency to keep up with the times.
Fifth, the reform must closely understand the people's feelings. Governing must understand the people. The immigration policy should consider the actual situation of multi-ethnic and multi-ethnic, different ethnic groups, different ethnic concepts, and different specific situations. It is necessary to seriously study and propose appropriate policies.
  1. Educational thoughts and educational content, as well as the model of future education, must be reformed. An educational model that strengthens the family education model and professional training and training is proposed. And promote the popular education model of online education.
Seven, medical. health care. The elderly are healthy. The insurance industry and the financial sector all need to study reforms. Some are disconnected from development and reality. Medical care should reduce the burden on patients. Many medicines are actually separated from the price. Review medical expenses and medical pricing issues. Solve the problem of unreasonable distribution of charges from serious interests.
Eight, the insurance industry. How to prevent insurance fraud and strengthen the management and reputation of insurance capital.
  1. Tax reform. Tax reduction level analysis and layer-by-layer tax reduction concept. We will cut the policy of enriching, reducing, and weakening.
  2. The issue of advancing with the times in the management system and the judicial system. Management must be strengthened.
Eleven, accounting audit and reporting system reform. Will be declared online. Networked operation. The organization will not access the Internet and language problems.
Twelve, language translation. In some suitable venues and important government texts, different language cultures are allowed to be sent to different texts. A professional language communication person assists in solving. Strengthen the research and development of automatic translation machines.
His ideas have been carefully selected and his thoughts in society. Today, he put forward these ideas. People pushed him to participate in the 2020 presidential campaign and became candidates. He reflected the voice of public opinion and explained his willingness and views on certain public opinions.
We are proud and honored at this special moment! Here, I wish Yang Anze a smooth election! I wish him success in the 2020 election for the President of the United States!
 New technology, new thinking, new direction! Do not participate, that is, die! Welcome to the 5G Internet IoT era! We Chinese, we must learn from Yang Anze, actively participate in the administration of state affairs, improve the Chinese people's right to speak, and improve the political status of the Chinese. At the same time, he studied Yang Anze’s participation in politics and expressed his own ideas. The courage to integrate into the various classes of different ethnic groups, on behalf of the majority of public opinion, issued a common voice.
"Wall Street Times" special commentator: Hua Li

《华尔街时报》特刊杂志 《华裔问鼎白宫》--支持杨安泽竞选2020年美国总统 序言







当今,世界就业人口正处于历史新高。而在此时,世界经济又出现大萧条,股市频频震荡,市场凋敝,企业破产、物价不断上涨,钱币贬值,通货膨胀、失业成风,就业困难,社会问题,经济问题,民生和人性问题突显。在这样的情况下,人们纷纷问道:“这个社会怎么啦?” 人们祈盼着社会安稳,世界和平进步,祈盼着有一位伟大的改变现状的总统出现。




















 新科技 新思维 新方向! 不参与,即消亡!    迎接5G互联网物联网时代!我们华人,要向杨安泽学习,积极参政议政, 提高华人的话语权, 提高华人的政治地位。 同时, 学习杨安泽勇于参政发表自己的主张。勇于融入各不同阶层各种族之间,代表大多数民意, 发出人们共同的呼声。


华尔街时报特约评论员:Hua Li


Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening,

Tonight, we are here to hold this evening, to celebrate the Chinese New Year of Pigs. I wish all of A Happy New Year! At the same time, today is a special day for lovers! It is a Valentine’s Day! I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Roses are red, violets are green, and I love you! I sincerely hope all lovers get finally married! I love you!
The most important of all, we hold this evening for Mr. Andrew Yang to be the 2020 Presidential Candidate of the United States of America! Andrew Yang’s Brave behavior and courage has won the love of the Pig Year and has earned the love of all lovers today! Today we are all lovers of Andrew Yang to enjoy this Special Valentine Day! Because we love our lovers, but we love the country more and Andrew Yang loves the public more, love the country more, which in Chinese we call it as sacrifice myself to achieve our goal. Tremendous thanks go to Andrew Yang! A lot of thanks go to all lovers in the entire world. And my heartful thanks goes to all of you here!
Now please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce Wall Street Times. Unlike New York Times and Wall Street Times, Wall Street Times is a new kind of Chinese news media and electronic trading center platform.  Wall Street Times was first created by Mr. Li, Hua in February of 2013 as a monthly magazine!   In August of 2018, US Blue Sky Capital invested, and have it registered at Delaware, with headquarters at 14 wall Street, 20FL, New York, NY 10005 and Chinatown station at 52 East Broadway, 5FL, New York, NY 10002!  We focus on reporting the big events and outstanding Chinese figures in the community and around the entire world! Andrew Yang comes to us as the outstanding Chinese Figures! He is the great American with Chinese Blood! He is brave enough to run for the 2020 US President of the United States of America! All support goes to Andrew Yang! All loves go to Andrew Yang! The God chooses Andrew Yang! God bless Andrew and God bless the United States of America! God bless all of us!
Wall Street Times of official website at is opening for 13 centers, which are  News Centers, Advertisement Center, Blog Center, Entertainment Center, Tribune Center, Something to Say Center,  Overseas Center,  Investment Center, Management Center, Contact Center, Trading Center, Newspapers and Magazines Center, Activities Center, which is specially
created for Andrew Yang! To report all activities of Andrew Yang! Now All support goes to
Andrew Yang!

Wall Street Times Chairman, Yuxiang Min’s speech to support Andrew Yang for the 2020 US Presidential bid.

Today, I see a lot of familiar faces and new faces! Thank you very much for your coming to support Andrew Yang as well as our Wall Street Times.
All donations starting from $50   go to Andrew Yang! Cash, as well as checks and credit card. If checks, pay to Friends of Andrew Yang. If     credit card, go to 杨 安 泽 官 方 网 站 : for donation.
Andrew Yang is also a great writer, his book is here: The War of The Normal People! Just on your desk!  $100 goes to Andrew Yang for one book! More are warmly welcomed!
Today, I have some special thanks to give to the following outstanding figures:
1, Special   Thanks goes to our Attorney Troy Nader Moslemi! He is not a Chinese, but he serves for the Chinese community for over twenty years as an Attorney at Law! He is not a Chinese born American, but he is an American born American, to support Andrew Yang to be the 2020 Presidential Candidate of the United States of America! Go to Trump for Big State Affairs; Go to Troy for Small Personal Affairs.
2, Special Thanks to Dr. Yan Qin, now the CEO of Atlantic Ocean Realty Company, in which I worked under him! Now thanks of his support and help, I have become a New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker, self-employed at TroyEstate LLC at 14 Wall Street, 20FL, Suite
2052, New York, NY 10005.
3, My special thanks go to Mr. Zhou, Tian Xi, who would donate $1000 to Support Andrew Yang as well as Wall Street Times!  I do not know who is the youngest in this meeting room, Who? But I would like to tell you who might be the eldest person in this meeting room! Mr. Zhou, Tian Xi, 88 years old! Let us give him a big Applause!
4, Special Thanks to Mr. Zhang, Fu Ming, who has already mailed his check of $1,000 to our Wall Street Times office, which should have arrived in our 14-wall street office today, by now! Let us give a big applause to Mr. Zhang, Fuming!
5, Finally, my special thanks go to Lin, Jianzhong, the president of New York Lam’s Group! He is the first to issue a check of $500 to support Andrew Yang. He is too busy to come to this event personally, but he has sent his vice president, Mr. Wang, Xiao Hua, here in this meeting room! Let us give Lam’s Group a big applause!
At the end of my speech today, let ‘s gives Andrew Yang a big applause to support him! Let us say together: Andrew Yang! Andrew Yang! Andrew Yang! Let us shout in a louder voice together again three times: Andrew Yang! Andrew Yangl Andrew Yang! Mr. Andrew Yang: 
Thank you very much for your coming to us tonight!
Hi, all of you, Thank you very much for your coming to support Andrew as well as Wall Street Times!  Thank you! Thank you very much!-
Yuxiang Min, Chairman, Wall Street Times
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